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We had a great idea to give fun to players. We made this game.Adventure of Potato is not just a platformer. It is platformer, 3rd person shooter, race and runner. In this game you can enjoy all of this types of games. We haven't got good graphics, good style, much money but we know that you will have fun plying this game. You can fight with bosses, you can find legendary loot, you can customize your potato. In the end you will comprehend the philosophy of the game. Our game has very interesting plot. You will have amazing journey in fantasy world.

Wade through the expanses of our game, defeat dangerous enemies, look for your equipment and just have fun.

Use all your shooting skills, feel the power of firearms, destroy enemies faster and louder.

Drive your new car, explore new zone, hear the noise of the wheels, fall in love with the road.

Do you like to run? Then this is for you. Flee from your evil enemies and let nothing stop you!


SetupAoP.exe 229 MB

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